What Former Pupils say about Lancaster Steiner School

‘In the Steiner school teachers teach until the children have learnt. In mainstream schools the teachers teach until they have taught.’

Former pupil now studying at Manchester University.

I think Lancaster Steiner School went a huge way to getting me where I am today. After leaving the school at the end of Class 5 I went on to take the entrance exams to Casterton School. I passed and started school with an academic scholarship. Casterton merged with Sedbergh School so I moved there, and started studying for my GCSEs this academic year. Since starting secondary school I have taken four LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) exams in acting and speaking, gaining distinctions. I think that Steiner education supports a child’s inner personality and encourages whatever that may be completely, giving the child the confidence and the ability to continue this even after leaving. I think this has been the main factor in my success in the dramatic arts.

My ability to take responsibility for my learning, combined with the confidence to seek feedback, support and knowledge from others as I follow my interests is something which I developed through my relationship with my class teacher during my time at Lancaster Steiner School.
I write mostly about nature, and, looking back, I think my love of the outdoors and fascination with nature came from the hands on experiences the Steiner School offered me.

I believe that Lancaster Steiner School broadened my mind, and allowed me to learn a lot of things that I would not necessarily have learnt through the mainstream curriculum. I owe a lot to the school and I hope future students take as much out of it as I did.’

Former pupil now studying at Sedbergh School.