What parents say about Lancaster Steiner School

‘My son absolutely loved the whole experience, the experimental and educational philosophy, the nurturing ‘whole child’ approach, the emphasis on the natural environment around him and the curriculum which drew out and helped him develop his creative talents and inner self.’  Former parent

Things current parents love about the school are:

  • Our children are happy
  • The small class sizes, and that the teacher really knows our children
  • No testing and SATs
  • That it develops a love of learning
  • The development of creative thinking and skills for an uncertain future
  • The delayed formal learning
  • Learning through play
  • Outdoor learning, including being allowed to climb trees
  • Modern foreign languages
  • The focus on creativity throughout all lessons
  • The arts offer, including drama, music, painting, woodwork and crafts
  • That it’s child led, with lots of physical activity and fresh air
  • The focus on social and emotional development as well as academic (holistic)
  • Learning and preparing for a learning discipline with crafts e.g. weaving in preparation for writing
  • Teachers invite and encourage individuality in the child
  • The close relationship between teachers and parents and children
  • That it actively embraces diverse cultures within the school
  • Flexi-Schooling & part time schooling
  • The lack of technology and screen culture
  • The sense of community
  • The fee-assisted places
  • No uniform & no ‘hands-up’ approach
  • Non imperialistic addressing of teachers i.e. first name terms