Lancaster Independent School for Alternative Learning



Former Pupils

Here are some testimonials from a recent survey of former pupils of our school.

My Steiner education has had a positive influence on my outlook, my values and my way of thinking. I feel it has greatly improved my level of creativity and the amount of energy I put into my work, regardless of the task. I moved from Sweden at the age of 5 and Lancaster Steiner school gave me the chance to learn at my own pace, which is definitely what I needed as a child.

I finished Lancaster Steiner School in 2011 and moved to start my secondary education at Ripley St Thomas. Whilst it was a large adjustment in learning environment I transitioned well, even if it was challenging at times. For any parents concerned that an education at Steiner might cause their child to be behind later on in terms of examinations, this was not my experience. I got all As and A*s at GCSE and AAB at A Level. After finishing sixth form I moved to India to teach English for 11 months with the educational charity Project Trust. I am now looking to apply to university for next year.

I can honestly say I had a very rich and proper childhood at Steiner, and I am very thankful for it.

My name is Eller and I went to the school when it very first started at Roeburndale Farm. I stayed at the school all the way up until my class finished which at the time was until year 9. I went on to study psychology at the university of Stirling and graduated with a 1st. After graduating I moved to Barcelona where I have lived ever since. I worked as an English teacher for a while and then as a project manager for a natural health NGO. I then spent 7 months in South America working in different sustainable projects. I have recently started working as a business growth consultant for a company called DONE!Trainings.

I think Lancaster Steiner School prepared me for the future in many different ways. After finishing I went to Queen Elizabeth School, feeling as though I had just been playing for the majority of my life at school and not learning. How wrong I was. When I started at QES, I, alongside my classmates from Steiner, were all put into the top sets at school after seeing our achievements. We had outdone our peers with learning without even realising we were learning.

In addition to this I feel that studying at Steiner school taught me to be open minded, flexible and very open to new things. I have travelled through many countries on my own from the age of 19 and have always felt able to achieve and succeed. I honestly think Steiner school prepared me for my future like nothing else, and I would recommend it to anyone. In fact I was writing a proposal in Nepal a few years ago on how Steiner education is the future for students around the world.