Rowan Brook-Thompson is a sessional teacher and qualified Steiner teacher (studying at the Rudolf Steiner Institute in Paris), teaching Handwork, Form Drawing, French and Drama. She is also a gifted playwright and writes plays which the children perform, sometimes in French. What she loves most about teaching here is having the freedom to adapt to children’s various learning styles.







Eliza Ramsey is a sessional violin and piano teacher. What Eliza most loves about teaching in this school is that the children have a voice, and have the confidence to speak out.








Julie Harris is the Kindergarten Assistant and has worked in the school since 2006. Her own children attended the Steiner school and are now at college and university. What she loves most about Kindergarten is the uniqueness each child brings to the setting.









Bregje Pinkse is an early years team member in the Kindergarten. As a child she went to a Steiner Primary and Secondary school in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands she worked for a regular afterschool club but when she moved to France with her family she became a stay-at-home, helping-hand-at-school mum. After moving to the UK she has now settled in Lancaster. Bregje’s two daughters also attended the Steiner School and are now doing well at a local high school. What she loves most about the school is that everybody takes care of each other and therefore let her and her family feel at home immediately.


Elspeth Mukerji is our SENDCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and Educational Coordinator, in addition to co-teaching Class 2/3 (Oak). Elspeth was a mainstream primary teacher for 25 years and a SENDCo and Senior Leader for 12 of those years. Her two children attended the Steiner Kindergarten, moving up to the Lower School. She developed an interest in Steiner Education initially through the seasonal and daily rhythms she experienced in the toddler groups and was drawn to its environmentally conscious approach. On seeing the school in action, however, Elspeth wanted to learn more about its holistic and active learning, which is so clearly grounded in knowledge of child development and so undertook the two-year Steiner teacher training course. What she appreciates most about the school is that children are given the time and space to grow and learn in a loving community.






Angela Welbourne is the Class 2/3 (Oak) teacher and also leads the Garden Explorers outdoor toddler group. She became involved in Lancaster Steiner School when her two children were born. In addition to being a qualified Steiner teacher, Angela gained Qualified Teacher Status with a BA in Music and Geography in 1998. For over 15 years she has been using her teaching skills in an outdoor and environmental education capacity. What Ange loves about the school is having the opportunity to work within a child centered, experiential approach to learning where nature and music are held in high esteem.







Rachel Theobald is the Early Years Co-ordinator and Kindergarten lead. She has a long history with Lancaster Steiner School – she was one of the founders of our original toddler group and her son was in the very first Class 1. Rachel is a trained Steiner Kindergarten teacher and has over 20 years’ experience in Steiner education.