As an independent school we are inspected by the School Inspection Service which is an independent body established to carry out inspections of independent school in England under Section 109(1) and (2) of the Education and Skills Act 2008. The SIS school inspection framework is agreed with the Department for Education and carries out the same functions as OFSTED for state sector schools.

Click here to see the latest School Inspection Service Report from November 2018. 

The trustees of Lancaster Steiner School have released the following statement following the school’s recent inspection by the SIS:

As trustees, we are very aware that following our recent inspection, we have a lot of work to do. However we were delighted that the inspectors noted the wonderful qualities of the children in our care:

“From an early age, pupils learn to share and take turns. This is evident as all ages play and interact together imaginatively during outside sessions. Their self-esteem and confidence increases as they join in with whole class activities… They state they feel safe in school and know who to turn to should a problem arise, as they have faith and trust in their teachers.”

Inspectors also noted the excellent behaviour of our pupils:

“Pupils’ attitudes to their fellow pupils, staff, volunteers and visitors are exemplary… The pupils are generally well behaved and considerate of one another… bullying is strongly discouraged and the anti-bullying strategy is effective. There are no records of any incidents.”

The school’s strong community was also praised:

“The school works very effectively with staff, pupils and parents. This is a strength of the school. Parents were clear that they felt well-involved in the school. The responses showed that all were happy with the school and no issues were raised. Responses to the staff questionnaire were also positive. Pupils also spoke positively about the school.”

The inspectors have asked us to address concerns in a number of areas, including safeguarding, the quality of education, and leadership and management. We have already acted to tackle these issues, implementing a new structure to monitor teaching and the curriculum, appointing a school manager and working to ensure that all our policies are up to date. We were delighted that at a recent whole-school meeting the parent body was hugely positive about the school and strongly supportive of our efforts to ensure that we meet the inspectors’ requirements.

Chair of Trustees Gisela Renolds said: “It is true that as a very small school we have at times failed to ensure that all our paperwork and policies are up to date. However we are now working hard to ensure that these are all in place for our next inspection.

“As trustees, most of whom have children at the school, we would like to add that we have no doubt that our children have always been safe, happy and well-looked after by our extremely dedicated staff. It is now our  responsibility to make sure that our paperwork and procedures are brought up to the appropriate standard.”

We are currently developing a detailed action plan for all areas identified as requiring improvement. This will be posted here as soon as it is approved.

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