Our School Vision is…

… to develop free, morally responsible and integrated individuals equipped with a high degree of social competence enabling them to embrace their community, sustain their livelihoods and to positively shape the world.
We aim to enable deep creative learning through Steiner pedagogy, a positive environment and to be rated as a ‘good’ school. We also aim to be an effective organisation.

Our values are rooted in the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner. The ideals of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, grow from these roots.

The True, the Beautiful, the Good — through all the ages of human conscious evolution these words have expressed three great ideals: ideals which have instinctively been recognized as representing the sublime nature and lofty goal of all human endeavour. In epochs earlier than our own there was a deeper knowledge of beings and their connection with the universe, when Truth, Beauty and Goodness had more concrete reality than they have in our age of abstraction‘. – Rudolf Steiner

Putting these ideals into practise, we endeavour to work together with the values of:

    • Integrity: To act with integrity is to be honest and transparent in our dealings with each other. We recognise that when our community has a strong sense of unity developed through trust and open mindedness, we all benefit.
    • Compassion: Through showing kindness, caring and a willingness to help others we embody compassion in our friendships, and fellowship as a wider community.
    • Inclusivity: Recognising that we live in a world rich in variety, and embracing that diversity.
    • Collaboration: Be happy to take responsibility and be involved, working together in an ethos of cooperation and support within our skills and capacity.
    • Appreciation: By acknowledging the efforts of individuals and the role they play in our community we are respectful and thankful.
    • Enablement: Flourishing, dynamic, creativity, wisdom, imagination

These ways of being guide us towards our vision.