We recognise that the use of technologies and social media present particular challenges and risks to pupils both inside and outside of school.

Children and young people may expose themselves to danger, whether knowingly or unknowingly, when using the internet and other technologies. Additionally, some young people may find themselves involved in activities which are inappropriate or possibly illegal. Staff are particularly alert to:

  • Peer on Peer Abuse, staff will recognise the signs of peer on peer abuse and will report any concerns using the school’s behaviour policy.
  • Sexting, staff will recognise that sexting is a form of peer on peer abuse, which needs reporting to the DSL immediately.
    LSS endeavours to ensure a comprehensive curriculum response to enable all pupils to learn about and manage the associated risks effectively. It supports parents and the school community (including all members of staff) to become aware and alert to the needs of keeping children safe online, for example by providing updates via the school newsletter.

The school network is not accessed by the children, however filters for key words related to safeguarding concerns, including Prevent is monitored regularly.


Online Safety