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Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Reports

Message from the Board of Trustees regarding the latest Ofsted Progress Monitoring Inspection and Report:

It is of great credit to all that the independent school standards, which were judged to have not been met at the November 2018 full inspection and July 2019 PMI, have now ALL been met.

These include standards within the key areas of ‘Quality of education provided’ and ‘Quality of leadership and management of schools’.

The changes which we have implemented and which have resulted in this positive outcome are detailed within the report and include:

Quality Of Education:
The publication and implementation of a curriculum policy that blends requirements so f a Steiner school with the National Curriculum; Increasing teachers’ subject knowledge across all areas and the provision of education with appropriate challenge for all pupils, including those with SEND and the most able; Giving parents more valuable information about their children’s learning.

Quality of leadership and management: An audit of the trustees’ skills being completed and new trustees recruited to address skills gaps and challenge and support our school; Trustees and leaders talk with confidence and knowledge about the independent school standards, know what is needed to meet the standards and have adapted good practice from other schools to implement within our school.

Welfare, health and safety of pupils: Please be aware that this standard was already met at the previous PMI in July 2019: improving our safeguarding compliance had been our no. 1 priority. However, since government guidance on safeguarding had been updated post July, OFSTED re-assessed our response to this. It is reassuring to know that our policy was suitably updated and this standard remains met.

Significant challenges still lie ahead in preparing the school for a full 3 day inspection under the new OFSTED inspection framework which will take place in six to twelve months. Publication of the present PMI report should however be recognised as a significant step forward. It would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of all staff (led by Elspeth) and our team of trustees. This has been hugely supported by the voluntary work of our parents and others in the wider school community and manifested though our children.

Inspection Reports

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