Kindergarten (ages 3-6)

Often the first step away from home, this is an environment in which young children can feel secure and where their abilities to create, initiate and imagine are nurtured. Our Kindergarten is designed to look much like a home and always has a warm, cosy and inviting feel.

Children of Kindergarten age learn best by play, imitation and doing, often using their whole bodies. Our Kindergarten classroom supports this stage of childhood by providing natural materials, kept as simple and as multi-functional as possible to encourage a range of rich and imaginative play. Our Kindergarten teachers do a lot of ‘watching’ and will step in to help the children socially when needed.

Children thrive from a strong and predictable routine, so each session has a rhythm which enables the children to feel safe and secure. This includes imaginative play, followed by an activity, snack, outdoor play and ‘ring-time’. Here the children learn poems, songs and movements which develop their speaking, listening and physical skills. On one day each week, the children make apple crumble, on another they paint using the wet-on-wet technique, another they spend the morning outdoors, on another they bake bread, and on another they make and eat soup.

In addition, the children make many craft items. When they are 5 the children develop their weaving, sewing and woodwork all of which helps develop the fine motor skills required for writing when they enter Class 1.