Transferring from Kindergarten (age 3-6)

Our Kindergarten children have been successfully transferring to mainstream school since 1999 at all ages from 4 to 7. The kindergarten curriculum serves the child in many ways and while they do not begin to read and write or work with numbers in an abstract mode, their passion for learning and ability to persevere with tasks is developed to a very high degree. Children who leave a Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten and enter a state school infant class after reception level will not have the same knowledge of letters and numbers but those who have completed the three years of Kindergarten will have a degree of readiness which will allow them to face the challenge and (for the majority of children) learn to read a lot faster than their peers who began aged four. If you plan to move your child into a state school then you can discuss this with the Kindergarten staff who will be able to offer advice and support to ease your child’s transition.

Transferring during junior school (age 7 to 11)

Children who transfer out of a Steiner school between the ages of 7-11 are well prepared for mathematics, social studies, practical and artistic activities and to engage with their learning in all areas. While learning is not rushed at Lancaster Steiner School, in the majority of cases by 8/9 years old pupils have a standard of literacy and numeracy sufficient to allow them to readily access and build on all learning they will encounter at their new school.

Transferring to secondary school and college (age 11 to 18)

Lancaster Steiner School aims to develop an ongoing relationship with the schools which the children move onto. Experience shows that they integrate very successfully, and quickly gain reputations for their independence of thought and range of interests. In fact, in most cases, transferring students of this age group find themselves ahead of their classmates and better prepared for the greater level of independent study required at this level. The student is likely to take along a distinguishing individual strength, personal confidence, and love of learning.