The school is a Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. Governors (Trustees/Directors) have responsibility for the legal, financial and employment areas of the School.

Any Trustee/Director can be nominated and elected at the AGM by the members of the company. All parents can be members; the Company can be joined by filling in a simple form available from the office.

Trustee Roles & Responsibilities

Chair: Gisela Renolds
Treasurer: Jonaton Pinkse
Secretary: Darren Smith
Vice-Chair: Mark Mukerji (with responsibility for Inclusion and Monitoring Quality of Teaching)
Elizabeth Cottam
Sara Nobili (Safeguarding & Complaints)
Anne O’Connor (Early Years & Inclusion)

The email address for the trustees is

If any parent/guardian wishes to speak to the Chair please ask in the office for the telephone number.