“Accessible, affordable steiner education for all”

Our vision is that no child should be unable to access steiner education on financial grounds. Our average monthly fee is only £300. Our school receives no state funding for children over 5, and depends on fees to cover the majority of our costs. We offer a sliding scale of fees (fee-assisted places) dependent on household income and we strive to be as accessible as possible to all families.


Early Years Funding entitles every child to 15 hrs of FREE early education from the term after their 3rd Birthday to the end of the term of their 5th Birthday.

We take children from their 3rd Birthday, if your child turns 3 partway through a term and you would like them to start straight after their birthday we offer a reduced rate on our normal session fee until the vouchers start. Please talk to Rebecca (School Bursar)

Current Lower School

Lower school ANNUAL fees £2,000 – £5,800 (2016/17)

Kindergarten 5 and 6 yr olds TERMLY fees £500 – £1,250

3yr olds to the end of the term after the 5th Birthday FREE places

(an average fee paying school charges £4,084 a TERM – our ANNUAL fees average less than that!)

Sibling Discount

We offer a discount on the fees of a sibling when both attending children are over the age of 5.

Further Information

Please contact the school Bursar Rebecca to discuss fees, including flexi-schooling rates, discounts and vouchers. Rebecca can also advise families on the best use of childcare sacrifice schemes from their employer such as busy bees, fidelity and kiddiecare vouchers.

lancastersteinerbursar@gmail.com  01524 381876