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What is the school’s policy on screens – television, computers, videos, electronic games, social networking?

The role of television is central in modern life, but research indicates that too much screen time can have a negative effect on our children. Furthermore, children (particularly during early childhood) learn best and flourish emotionally through engaging with the physical world, and time spent in front of screens deprives them of this. Therefore Steiner […]

Is Steiner education similar to Montessori?

These two educational approaches began with a similar goal: to design a curriculum that was developmentally appropriate to the child and that addressed the child’s need to learn in a tactile as well as an intellectual way. The philosophies are otherwise very different.

What about computers and Steiner education?

Steiner teachers feel that the appropriate age for computer use in the classroom is around age 14. We feel it is more important for students to have the opportunity to interact with one another and their teachers in exploring the world of ideas, participating in the creative process and developing their knowledge, skills, abilities and […]

How do Steiner students do after leaving school?

Steiner students are accepted in and graduate from a broad spectrum of colleges and universities. Graduates reflect a wide diversity of professions and occupations including medicine, law, science, engineering, computer technology, the arts, social science, government, and teaching at all levels. According to a recent study of Steiner graduates: · 94% attended college or university […]

What part do festivals play in Steiner schools?

Seasonal festivals are celebrated in the school, including Michaelmas, Martinmas, Advent, Easter, Whitsun and St John’s, which are Christian in origin, and resonate with the seasonal rhythms of the year. However, their context is that of exploring and appreciating the cycles of the seasons as an approach to developing a search for a meaningful spiritual […]

Do you teach science?

Science teaching in Steiner schools begins with the close observation and direct experience of physical phenomena, rather than with a description of prevailing theories and models. An open mind as to causes and first principles is encouraged. Conclusions and concepts are then derived from the observations and finally the theories that explain the whole are […]