Lancaster Steiner School is open to all children irrespective of race, religion, gender, social class disability. Decisions about admission are made on the basis of the school’s ability to meet the needs of each child.

Prospective families are invited to visit the Kindergarten and / or Lower School to see the building, observe the daily routine and speak with the Admissions Coordinator.  Arrangements are made through the school office.

Tel: 01524 381876 or email: 

The school admissions procedure can be downloaded here or collected from the School Office on your visit.

The school admissions policy can be downloaded here


Children are admitted to Kindergarten following their 3rd birthday and may stay until Class 1 entrance at age 6 (rising 7). Every other year Class 1 includes a Transition class of children age 5 (rising 6). We had our first T/1 class in September 2017 and will welcome the next cohort in September 2019.

Lower School 

T / 1 Class: Transition Class & Class 1 (ages 5 – 6 yrs & 6 – 7 yrs). Places available.

Oak Class: Class 2 & 3 (ages 7 – 8 yrs & 8 – 9 yrs). Places available.

Willow Class: Class 3 & 4 (ages 9 – 10 yrs & 10 – 11 yrs). Places available.

Children are welcome to join us at any stage up to the age of 11. Children successfully transfer to us from a range of previous educational backgrounds. In addition to our feeder toddler groups we accept children from a home education background, families from overseas, and children who have previously attended mainstream schools.